Newcomer to Offerta: Meet Janis and Matison Enterprise!

We are always interested in new companies and finding ways to improve their business, together with them. We have met Janis Matisons, an entrepreneur and leader of Matison Enterprise AB, a newcomer to Offerta. He tells us how it all started, why he chose to join Offerta and the future plans for his business.


– To be honest, I have been in construction from an early age and the passion I have for it has been passed to me from my parents. In those days, almost everyone who was building their house was doing it by themselves.

Janis laughs and continues;

– When I think about it; construction was my first true love. My first summer working was when I was age 12 at the local construction company in Latvia. That summer taught me what it felt like to be proud of what I had accomplished. I would smile as I drove by the local pharmacy where I had helped replace the roof and that’s where I developed my love for construction and building.

Janis emphasizes the importance of taking action, trying out solutions and not being to afraid of failure, regardless the business you are starting out in.

– I think one key for personal developement is taking daily steps forward to achieve the goals I've set. Tony Robbins said something that has always been important to me; "Action is the most important key to any success". You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.

Matison Enterprise cooperate with large construction companies, but it is also important for them to work with a large number of private inviduals in Sweden.

– Offerta makes it possible for us to find private clients and that's why we signed on with them. It's important for us to be available for all people around Stockholm.

This strategy is consistent with his future plans. They are planning to create branches in other cities and he sees it as though each project is an opportunity to meet new people.

– Until now, we have mainly worked in Stockholm, but at the moment we are considering working in other areas of Sweden. I believe Offerta will help us to spread our network to private clients. We will soon open our own manufacturing of prefabricated wood frame houses in the Swedish market. This will allow us to offer our own produced product with our unique standards and approach, starting with holiday houses and multi-story apartment buildings. We are currently working with a number of real estate developers on numerous projects. We also just launched a product called, “’’ which is a screw type foundation solution for any need. It’s really amazing stuff.

Thank you Janis! We really look forward to follow your business journey.

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